Portable Busbar Processing Machine

30A - portable busbar punching machine


manual Copper Busbar Bending Machine



Main Function:

Copper bar Aluminum bar Bend, U-bend , Stand up

Main Feature:

30A manual Bus Bar Punching Tool is based on foreign advanced products,And combined with the reality to improve work efficiency and ensure the safety of the operation Requirements. Suitable for on-site construction of large workshop and power transmission and distribution work,and distribution cabinet and switch cabinet and other electrical appliances factory use. High flexibility,Small size and strong function,Production capacity and work efficiency is very high. Low noise and harmless,Processed products are beautiful and will not cause pollution to the working environment. Functions for multifunctional Portable Bus Bar Tools:cut、punch、bend 、Combined on the same plane. 

Tech Paramete:

Working table size: 700mm(L)×700mm(W)x 1100mm(H)
Input voltage: 50Hz, 220V or customized
Cutting range (mm): copper busbar ≤ 150 x 10
Horizontal bending: copper and aluminum busbar ≤ to 150 x 10
Horizontal bending angle: 0°-135°
Hole to the edge distance: 95mm/11Om
Standard supporting punching die:φ6.5mm,φ8.5mm,φ10.5mm,φ13.5mm,φ17.5mm,φ20.5mm
Weight of whole machine: 165kg


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