Double Heads Busbar Bending Machine

MXB-600 - Double Heads Busbar Bending Machine


Double heads bus dust busbar bending machine



Main Function:

Double heads bus dust bending press a new type of processing equipment developed by our company,bending busbar machine the main functions is bending the two ends of connection busbar of the line of the bus dust ,and bending double bends once for each end of the bus dust.No need to change the direction of one bus dust,with the advantages of high processing speed,less steps,high accuracy,saving time and labor etc.

Main Feature:

1.This copper busbar bender machine mainly for bending the two ends of connection busbar of the line of the bus dust.
2.The two ends of the machine adopts hydraulic working mode, which has the advantages of high pressure, stable performance and so on.
3.Copper bend The double bends of the two ends of the busbar are formed once, fast processing speed, high efficiency.
4.Large tonnage hydraulic cylinder with large flow gear pump, to ensure the running speed of the equipment
5.Major components are well-known brands, to ensure the stability of the device.

Tech Paramete:

Nominal pressure : 600 KN
Machining range: 3x30 - 6x200mm
Total power : 4KW
Size of the machine: 3600 x 1500 x 1000mm
Total Weight : 1300kg


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