CNC Busbar Bending Machine

MXJZ302-S - CNC Busbar Bending Machine


CNC Copper Busbar Bending Machine



Main Function:

To cutting bending the copper/aluminum busbar ect.

Main Feature:

MXJZ302-S CNC copper busbar cutting bending machine has a cut, bend two units, can achieve different specifications of the copper row of shear and "Z" type bending. Cutting unit with single-blade shear, notch flat, no burr, can be processed with a maximum width of 210 thickness of 10mm copper; "Z" bending forming unit, the unit is highly adjustable CNC machining unit, closed by a straight line Displacement sensor feedback to the numerical control system, and can be adjusted according to the measured value adjustment can be processed with a auto bender machine maximum width of 210, thickness 10mm, length of 3200mm copper.

Tech Paramete:

Max. Punching Force (KN): 300KN
Max. Process Width (MM): 210mm
Max. Process Thickness (MM): 10mm
Max. Process Length (MM): 3200mm
Max.Tensile Height (MM):30mm
Overall size(MM): 9600×700×1400mm


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