Busduct Bridge Housing Extrusion Pressing Clamping Machine

MXY255-125 Bus duct Busway Bridge Housing Extrusion Pressing Clamping Machine


Busduct Bridge Housing Extrusion Pressing Clamping Machine



Main Function:

Bus duct Busway Bridge Housing Extrusion Pressing Clamping

Main Feature:

1. Automatically busbar machine Use and requirements:The busbar press is equipped with three parts: riveting table, prefabricated table and discharge table. It is used for riveting assembly of busbar row of 91 ~ 255mm width and height of 125mm. After the busbar row is installed, push the riveting table and press Will be targeted after the compression to facilitate the artificial riveting.
2. With relay control, pneumatic clamping, no power roller with integral installation, roller surface covered with polyurethane, to prevent scratching the bridge. The frame steel beam is formed by bending the steel plate and is supported by the steel pipe of the square pipe, which can be adjusted according to the need, the rack surface spray (gray). Busbar trunking system machine The upper pressing device is made of bolts with 8mm steel plate as a whole and guided by guide block. Work will be pre-installed bridge to the appropriate position, depress the foot switch, the top material device to lift the bridge from the roller in place after the remain intact, both sides of the clamping device action clamping the bridge, the last pressure Tight device action will be copper compacted. After the completion of artificial riveting, step down the foot switch, the pressure on the rise, both sides of the pressure release, the top material device down the bridge to fall back to the roller surface, bus-barwire processing machine the bridge pushed out to the discharge station for follow-up operation.

Bridge processing requirements:

1. the bus press for 125 x 255 and 125 x 91 between the specifications of the bridge, before the riveting clamping operation.
2. Pre-installed part of the pneumatic block on the device.


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