CNC Busbar Bending Machine

NC.40Z-2000 - CNC Busbar Bending Machine


CNC Copper Busbar Bending Machine



Main Function:

Copper bar Aluminum bar Bend, U-bend , Stand up

Main Feature:

NC.40Z-2000 CNC copper bus bar bender for sale is one kind of copper aluminum busbar bending machine with the feature of high efficiency, high automation, high precision,saving time and saving labor.
• This kind of bending copper busbar machine using oil pressure as the active force,CNC as control unit, matching our independent researched and developed CAD/CAM system.
• Can adopt the open type bending structure with the advantage of simple structure.stress reasonable,taking out and put in materials conveniently. Good vision etc
• CNC copper busbar machine Can add electric die to improve the bending accuracy and lighten the bending trace.
• The gauge adopts MD modular design, can choose the length of the gauge according to demand.
• HMl,Operating easily.real-time present operating state of the program.
• Can connect with CNC busbar punching cutting machine by CNC programming software.machine and software not influence each other, easy to maintain.

Tech Paramete:

Nominal Pressure - 400KN
Gauge Length: 2000mm;
Horizontal bend maximum size: 15 x 200mm;
Vertical bend maximum siza: 12 x 120mm;
Gauge accuracy: ±0.15 ;
Bending accuracy: ±0.3 ;
Machine size: 4300 x 1450 x 1850 mm;
Weight of machine : 3300kg;


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