Steel Plate punching machine

SXC30-750 - Steel Plate punching machine


Steel Plate punching machine



Main Function:

This machine mainly punch press(shallow drawing etc) thin steel plate

Main Feature:

1. SXC30-750 Steel plate punching machine is Steel plate welded bed,stress annealing treatment after welding, to ensure the rack that not out of shape after the long-term used.
2. This automatic punching machine can finished changing of molds within 15s.Very fast and high accuracy.
3. PLC controlling, with digital axis system.Easy to carry out artificial positioning.
4. High flow gear pump,cnc punching machines processing with high speed,Step speed can reachl 20 times/min.

Tech Paramete:

Nominal pressure : 300 KN
Max processing diameter: 60 mm
Max processing thickness: 6 mm
Throat depth : 750 mm
Main motor power: 5.5 KW


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