Looking for a Electrical future? Why not LJMC?


Are you self-motivated and hardworking? No matter what your education or experience is, we want to talk to you. While many LJMC employees have been with the company their whole careers, there's still plenty of room at the top. We have 30 positions in five regions around the world, including Australia, India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Russia and so on. At LJMC, we pride ourselves on building strong, lasting relationships with our customers and our employees. Our machine's not the only thing that lasts.



Current Opportunities


We are always looking for potential team members who are interested in our company. Please fill out an application and submit it so we can keep your information on file.


Available Positions


LJMC is currently accepting applications for the following positions:


Sales Manager Australia

Sales Manager Vietnam

Sales Manager Thailand

Sales Manager India

Sales Manager Russia

Sales Manager Dubai

Sales Manager Saudi Arabia

Sales Manager Qatar

Seller Australia

Seller Vietnam

Seller Thailand

Seller India

Seller Russia

Seller Dubai

Seller Saudi Arabia

Seller Qatar

Technical Support Australia

Technical Support Vietnam

Technical Support Thailand

Technical Support India

Technical Support Russia

Technical Support Dubai

Technical Support Saudi Arabia

Technical Support Qatar



What LJMC can offer you


  • Job security with a respected company that’s been around for 20+ years
  • Can make a lot of money
  • Great benefits
  • Family-friendly work environment
  • Hands-on training with experienced professionals
  • Great opportunities for advancement



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